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5 Feb 2010

Bzzz Bzzz

The one bad thing about gossip is how caught up you can get in it. Sometimes, you get so lost that even the most workaday things appear bizzare. I try to avoid it but some of them are just too much fun to ignore. 

The worst kind of gossip is the one at workplace, where you hate your manager and possibly all your teammates. It's so rampant that you hear it wherever you go. Friends, strangers alike unload their rants on you and vice versa. Coffee rooms, water-cooler, at lunch, down the corridors, just about everywhere... if there is a group of people, they're probably ratting on someone they hate at work for the unfair treatment meted out to them. Funny how everyone is treated unfairly, so who is actually handing out the treatment? The happy ones?

I've been idle and wanting for work, for about 3 days now. Numerous coffee breaks, long lunches and some stop-at-my-desk conversations later, I find myself wishing I had work to do! It's all so negative, so boring. I woke up this morning, decided that I was going to have fun. From now on, there will only be good gossip. (Just finished an email to a couple of friends telling them how much I hate.... that doesn't count, does it? Oh well!)

Time to go to work. I'm an hour late, at the moment. Be another hour before I get in. How does it matter? It does, because my manager... STOP! Phew! Close call! Better run...

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