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8 Jun 2010

Singapore Diaries - 1

My first day in Singapore. Arrival at Changi airport. 

It was raining when we landed and drizzled lightly at various times through the day. The weather remained lovely, nevertheless, no sweat nor humidity.

Welcome to raining Singapore
Breakfast at McDonald's at the airport. I had the Sausage McGriddles while the husband had the entire breakfast tray.

Hotcakes with maple syrup, McGriddle, Egg, Sausage
The Mustafa Centre is a monstrous Big Bazaar and more! From hankies to furniture, you can buy everything here and the variety is mind-boggling. I'm still not 100% convinced about how "cheap" things are... or did I just like the not-so-cheap stuff?

The Big Singapore Sale was an offers galore, a shopper's paradise. You don't even have to be a shopaholic to be struck by temptation!

The Big Singapore Sale (May 13th to June 14th) at The City Square Mall
I wore this top all of yesterday. This picture was taken at night, after I got home. What's absurd about it?

I wore this top with the tag on, all day. Thankfully, the tag remained inside.
More to come in Singapore Diaries...

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