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6 Nov 2010

Cappuccino and Hotcakes

I'm standing in the queue at McD's for an early brekkie. It's a little after 6.30AM. Allow me to explain.

I've been out since 5.45AM and that was three quarters of an hour after I woke up this morning. I have just taken a bus to the city from a girlfriend's place, where I had a girls' night out and sleepover, leaving her a note that I'd see her later today. Everyone else around me look like they're heading home from a hard night out. Except for the handful who are arriving into the city, to work on a Saturday. McDonald's, being one of the only few places open that early, has a long queue at the counter. I'm one of those people in the queue, not looking very different from the rest of those who are heading home too.

Guy before me has a cappuccino in hand, says to the kid behind the counter, "I'm waiting for my hotcakes". Kid says, "But you haven't ordered hotcakes, sir. You only ordered cappuccino". Guy storms out, "Alright, don't give me hotcakes. I'll go to work another day without food". You can't help feeling sorry for the crazy nutter. Everyone else is too busy to notice. Can't wait to get home the morning after! 

"Next please!"

My turn. I order a cappuccino and hotcakes. It looks yum in the pictures, can't wait to dig into it. I settle down in a seat, reading my book and gulping large sips of hot cappuccino. "I'll eat the pancakes when I get home", I think. Ten minutes later, my alarm goes off. The railway announcer announces my train. I pick up my coffee and book. I'm already wearing my bag. I walk slowly down the stairs, finish my coffee and trash the cup as I hit the platform. My train arrives. I'm one of the first to get in. The train waits a good 4 minutes before chugging out of the station. I'm still reading my book. I get off at my station, still reading the book, until I hit the road. If nothing else, my addiction to reading will kill me! As I cross the road, I am excited. I can't wait to get home and eat my... Hang on, where's my...? I can see a picture in my mind's eye. A brown paper bag with red logo, delicious smelling hotcakes, those little tubs of butter... sitting on the black, shiny granite-top table at McDonald's at the Central Station. I can't help but think of the guy before me in the queue...

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