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5 Jan 2011

It's Raining FML

The first thing I did when I got home from work today was this.


Fuck YOU! And you, you, you and you too! 

Seriously, it's unbelievable how many things can go bugger all in one day. 

My new sunscreen. It claimed 4 hours of protection, water-proof, sweat-resistance. All I did was run 20 mins in cloudy weather and when I walked into the lady's room at work, there was someone else in the mirror. Someone who resembled me but a couple of tans darker. Bloody hell! A day at the beach, playing in the water had not given me a tan last week! That's how my day started. 

Spent hours trying to find answers for a client who won't understand that if he doesn't tell me what he wants, I cannot give it to him. @#%@$^#&$#&

Decided to call it a day and get some personal work done. Spent an hour making phone calls. Here goes.

Beauty parlour for a hair appointment. After keeping me on hold for... let's be kind to them, I won't mention how long... the friggin' machine finally comes alive and says to me, "All our executives are currently handling other calls. Please leave your name and number, we will call you back" and hangs up on me. Hello? Wait! When do I leave my name & number with you? After you hung up on me or before you tell me to do so?

Insurance company. This call didn't keep me on hold for too long. The guy who answered was very apologetic. Why? As part of my employee benefits, I'm eligible for a good discount on international travel insurance with his company. Nice, eh? Yeah, right. That is if his fucking company will give me a fucking insurance, in the first place. Excuse: I am not a permanent resident of the country. Yay!

Bank1. Sorry we can't give you a credit card because you don't have sufficient credit history. Oh really? You trust me enough to give me a job with access to the credit card information of every customer of the bank but you can't trust me enough to give me a card, for which I will pay you fees and charges? Brilliant!

Bank2. Remember how they say if something is too good to be true, it probably is? They offer credit cards with no annual fees. Five phone calls so far. At every alternate call, the girl on the other line tells me that they haven't received my documents. The girls on the other alternate calls say they've received my documents and will forward it to the appropriate department for verification. And oh, they have a mailbox that can receive email but not respond. None of the girls have a fucking email account they can use to respond. If I need confirmation that they've received my email, I have to call. And wait to talk to a new person each time. And the next person after the current one has a different story to tell each time. How cool is that?

It rained on my way back home, could not run. The real rain, I mean. With water and all that shit.

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