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1 Mar 2011


I announced yesterday that I was going to take a Facebook hiatus. FB friends cheered me on. They must be really sick of me in that part of the world! The one person that challenged my ability to do that does not even get on FB or ever read my updates. Doh!

So, I went to a comedy show today. No, not because I am off FB. Doh! I went because I love comedy, I love shows, I love the stage and reasons such as that. Oh, and because this show was recommended by a friend who thought it might be good. It was alright. I was just too distracted by the comedian - Josh Earl. Guy looked and dressed like a teenager but claimed to be a 20-something, on the far side of it. Sure, I had a few laughs but it's a friggin' stage, right? I'm looking at the guy, right? Not listening to the radio or something. Yeah, he did the radio thing and stuff but it was... I was looking at the radio... er.. him doing the radio or whatever. Anyway, point is... Actually, I'm not really sure what the point is. He was a size zero guy in stretch jeans with legs that could put a girl to shame and side-swept hair (he said he hadn't heard of Justin Beiber until a few weeks ago... looked like he was ODing on Bieber at the moment). Doh!

While we are talking funny, here is something funny. I wrote to a friend today telling him how much it sucked not to have a friend who was willing to jump off a plane with me. He said he would get a new friend if he were me. Doh!

Speaking of friends, I have a new flatmate. Never felt so much pressure to buy groceries. Oh, she's fine and she isn't bothering me. I just feel the pressure anyway. Doh!

Did I mention tonight's comedy show was called Josh Earl's Love Songs & Dedication? I couldn't decide if he was taking a dig at love songs and dedications or promoting it. He made me laugh, go watch it if you must, I'm not discouraging you. It was worth my 20 bucks. Doh!

What's with the digression all over the place you ask? The title of the post is 'Doh', what did you expect? Doh!

When you're posting a status on FB, there's a limitation on the number of characters. There's the question of who is reading your status and what they might make of it. There's things to consider before you hit that 'Share' button. With Blogger? You see where I'm headed with this? An FB vacation means (possibly) a Blogger overload. When one door closes... Doh!

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  1. AS normal, you are too self-conscious and always think of what others might think of you. That's probably the reason FB is a misfit for you. But, it's also true to an extent cos you are a very special person. Doh!