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24 Apr 2011


The little fellow's eyes opened wide as saucers when he saw it parked outside the door. He smiled and ran to hug his parents. He turned 5 at the stroke of midnight last night, while he was busy dreaming of riding and falling, bruises all over his limbs that he scarce noticed.

Is that bike for me, daddy?

She clapped the back of her palm against her mouth to stop the noise that had emerged from her throat. It was the ugliest beast she had ever seen. Before she could blink, it spat on her face and she heard laughter. She opened her eyes. Her brother stood at the foot of her bed, a bucket in hand, clutching his stomach and laughing. Her face, hair and clothes were wet. So was her bed.

I wonder if that's water or wee!

Oh for joy and Oh for fear
Oh for surprise when it's here
Oh I remembered, Oh I realize
Oh it is for every kind of surprise


  1. You have an amazing storytelling ability...your adjectives are really intriguing!!

    And wait...you shaved your head? You are very brave!!

  2. Thanks Ameena!!

    And yes, I did. It's grown to a number 4 in less than a month and believe me, it's one of my favourite hairstyles yet - zero maintenance!