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3 May 2011

Sweet Heavens

I was at Max Brenner the other day, digging into the most heavenly piece of chocolate I have ever had. Chocolate Souffle. Soft yummy crumbs hiding a gooey mass of melted chocolate inside. I was not even embarassed or ashamed at the "Mmm Mmm" noises I was making. 

As I waited for my chocolate souffle, I looked at all the people queued up. For that sinful taste that brings joy like no other, everybody is willing to wait many minutes in the queue and then some more for the order to be bought.

Once I got over my trance at being in a place meant for chocolate lovers, I still hung about the place trying to think of what I might want to order the next time I was there. As I observed what the other tables were laden with, I realized that some of this was easy to make. The Choco-Pizza for instance. It was a pizza base like any other, except that it was lathered generously with melted chocolate and pecans, then covered with cornflakes and topped with a few slices of banana, more melted chocolate. Maybe marshmallows too. Yumm! How different is this from my toasted bread with spoonsful of nutella loaded onto it? 

Who is complaining? As long as there is lots and lots of chocolate, we will go there, pay lots of money and sin. Next time I am there, I would love to try the chocolate dip. A cupful of melted chocolate. That is it. My mouth is already watering. Mmmm. Mmmm.

Max Brenner had one hell of a get-rich-quick idea. Make the most of the weakness that cripples almost all of humanity. Chocolate. Mmm. Mmm.

Not sure if I am the only one who was bothered by the blatant abuse of spellings and grammar at the store but it sure as hell was a thorn in my arm. Some of the names on the menu were cheesy too, so I stuck to the description, which were... Mmmmm... Mmmmm..

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