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25 Jan 2012


I have been slack. It clearly shows in the appearance of my blog page. There are too many colours. The fonts vary across posts. The template is too splattered. Most importantly, the formatting of each post is haywire. In other words, I need a makeover for my blog. As it is apparent, I have not been making time to write a post, let alone work on the blog itself.

I have noticed that it is much easier to write about negative topics than positive ones. When something is not right, there is much to say about it! There are the complaints about what is not right, then there are the things to be said as to how it should be set right and then there are the multiple options to set it right. Of course, there are the asides to all of this. Not to forget, multiple opinions. In short, there is a lot to say.

When something is going well, who would want to stop to talk or write about it? It is all about having fun and savouring the moment. It is about saving it for later, to replay the events in moments when the mind is blank and the heart is empty. If not written well, they do not serve as good memories. The mind, however, stores the visuals away with more clarity and colour! Like I said, writing about it would be hard work for some of us. Hard work is harder when it can be replaced with more of the fun. Thus, the motivation fails to surface.

How about writing on a neutral theme, instead? That sounds reasonable. Right? Ok. What could be neutral? Would it count as neutral if I listed the pros and cons of an event? Will the positives and negatives cancel each other out? Probably not. So, I scratch my head and rub my chin, hoping for an idea to materialize out of thin air. Then I remember reading somewhere to just start talking (in this case, writing) and that words will form themselves into sentences, which then turn into a fully fledged conversation. I suppose that is what I am attempting here. I am failing miserably. I keep stopping to think. Nothing happens. Then I write about what I just did and how nothing happened. It repeats. Then I think of a different way of saying the same thing. Now, I am just narrating my attempts in vain, at trying to come up with a decent post.

I give up. Another day, another time. When the cloud called writers' block passes by and leaves me with the bloom of words under the sun, I shall attempt to write. That will be a positive note. A neutral one, at the very least. Till then, I guess I will have to stick to narratives such as this one. Better than nothing at all.

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