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20 Sep 2009


I had a fabulous evening today and I can't stop raving about it. Touchwood!

I played 'Let's shop', Junior Scrabble, House with babies , vegetables, snacks, monsters, picnics and a fairy godmother with a cute little 5 yr old. She has a messy room, all pink & white and pretty as pretty can be, I just love spending time there. We had a lot of fun arranging 'Opposite Words' and then messing up the whole bunch of cards. After that, we played the funny ball-going-round game which went crazy soon enough. I felt like a 5 yr old and am so proud that I could match her energy levels... well almost.

It's amazing how much of an imagination a pretty young thing like her could have... so much creativity, just building the story as the game went on. I love the way she speaks English, with a cute little accent, either picked up from her earlier days in the US or from all those movies she watches.

Sometimes she comes up with these quirky one-liners that seem to embarass her parents but is so hilarious I end up laughing & clutching my tummy as I do. Then, she tries to make up for it in her sweet baby manner & makes you want to hug her real tight.

I'd forgotten how much fun it can be to be around little ones. I can't wait for the day I might hold one of my own!

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