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8 Sep 2009

Fish out of water

Finally, nearly 10 years later, I decided to go for it. To fight my fears, to fight the resistance inside of me. Cost me more than what it might have had I done this a while ago. Money was not the problem here. The battle was a bigger one, as was the goal.

My first day & I sucked! I couldn't get past the 'breathe' with my head under the water, whereas the remaining dozen people or so moved on to float and fared pretty well. It was so disappointing, I nearly wanted to quit. "Screw the three grand, I quit!", I thought. Pride wouldn't let me. I kept trying and I kept doing badly. At the end of the session, I nearly got the 'breathe' right. Phew! Nearly there.

I left with a determination that I'd come back the next morning. Dampers around, it's the rainy season, what can I expect. It wasn't to be. Not one to give up, I've decided to go early tomorrow & practice. When I start at 8PM, I should be where the rest are. Let me see why that can't work out. Let me see!

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  1. I'm loving it with each passing day. Why didn't I do this earlier?