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20 Sep 2009

I had a dream

Remember the episode in Friends where Monica says Ross used to see a therapist because he used to have this recurring dream that she would eat him up? Well, I had one of my recurring dreams last night. It was nothing like Ross', of course and it kind of tied into a longer dream.

I've always had this dream that I left home to work one day and decided to take a shortcut, so I went via the roof (terrace, as we call it). Once up there, I got lost in a group of partying teenagers, lost my way and ended up on the road. Once on the road, I have no idea how to get to my work place and all my neighbours are laughing at me. And I'm running, not fast enough though! This ends the recurring part of my dream.

Somehow I ended up in an apartment complex (in Mumbai), met this lady who is my mother's friend who offers to drop me at my workplace on her moped. She is huge, mind you, and I can barely manage to fit onto the back of her moped but something's better than nothing. I was clinging to her for life as she flew the two-wheeler across, roads, fields and speed-bumps!

I don't know what happened later but I found myself in an auto, nearly drowning in the rain, racing towards office. On the way, I meet dad on his way to work, in another auto, totally unfazed by the rains or the water in which his own auto-rickshaw was 'floating'. Finally I reached office.

How I landed on the 4th floor of the office is something I cannot recall. I meet the girls on the fourth floor who tell me that the managers were playing a joke on us. We finish breakfast & head down to our seats.

As I reach my cubicle, I find a crowd of boys around a new guy in a crisp white shirt & jet black hair. I am annoyed because he has nearly hijacked my seat for his little 'training' room arrangement! He turns around and oh boy, is he cute! He's a friend of mine, only 15 years younger. So, I say 'hello' and get started. All this happened and it is only 9.30AM.

I don't know what happened next but I woke up and yes, it was 9.30AM! Freaky, if nothing else.


  1. It's just running right? I dreamt that RT was dead and so were you. Then I was crying and Sassy was unmoved. So I go back and check and you are alive but RT is still dead.

    I hate dreams of people dying.

  2. There's a saying that if you dream someone's dead, they live longer ;)