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4 Jul 2010

B&W - Playing It Safe?

When I walk to work every morning, all I can see around me is men and women in black. An occasional white or grey or maybe even navy blue but black black black everywhere it is. A rare sight of red or blue is a treat to the eye. I wonder if I ought to feel overdressed in a dash of colour but I refuse to be.

We go out in the evenings and there more black, grey, white, dark-as-the-night blue with a little more colours around but hell, what's with the black madness? Maybe, people just get out from work and walk around. Like me. Yeah?

On weekends, we go further out and walk around. More black. Blue jeans, black tees, black jackets, black boots, black, black, black. Black and black, white and white. I cannot imagine having a cupboard full of black and white clothes. How do you decide what to wear when you are going out? Maybe that is the thing. You do not need to decide. Just pick anything, it is all black or white anyway... and you will 'fit in'. Is that right?

No wonder when Aussies visited, back home, they always noticed a lot of colour. What do they have against wearing colour, I wonder. It is only with clothes. There are coloured lights, colour in stores, multi-coloured ice-creams, lots of beautiful colours but they just won't wear them. Maybe they are just playing it safe, so they won't go wrong with what they wear, so they will fit in.

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