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2 Jul 2010

Change Is Good

I was told "Even if you hate it there, you will be better for the experience."

That refrain has been the basis of my decision. I am a sucker for experience. Everything else, 'get in line'.

It is like stepping into a giant wheel (roller coaster ride, they call it?). I can live without it, I don't really need to do it, eh? A slight push. Are you sure? Are you scared? Maybe. Maybe not. Dunno. I don't want to admit anything. I wonder. Why am I not doing it? There doesn't seem to be a good reason. Might as well give it a shot. So, go...

The preparations, the wait and the leap. So exciting! Thank God for that push! Thank God for those seemingly meaningless questions with no answers! 20 seconds of stress and then whoa, what a rush. So much fun. Such a high!

Slowly, as the I settle in, the momentum seems to slow down. Eventually, the dust will settle and all the fascinating things will become BAU. That every time I head back to my old life, there will be a spike of emotions, only makes the journey more enjoyable. Having the best of both worlds. Learning from the worst of both.

I must agree, even if I hate it enough to go back to where I came from, I will be better for the experience. I don’t see the hatred coming, I'm loving it. Plus, I already feel great about everything new that is enriching my life. I’m grateful for the opportunity that Life has given me, everything that has come with it and more that awaits…

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