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6 Jul 2009

BPO-Sutra, Another Wannabe Money-Making Attempt

Each Indian English author I read these days pushes me one step away from picking up another one! Funnily enough, it's only the male authors I pick up that turn out to be wannabes. I've read a couple of chick lit and they're not too bad.

The latest I'm reading is called 'BPO Sutra' by Sudhindra Mokhasi. So, he worked in a BPO for some years. So, he heard some stories from his fellow BPO friends at lunch or coffee or drinks or wherever else in hell. Instead of writing a blog which everyone reads for free, the smartass compiles a bunch of anecdotes into a book and is trying to sell it to gullible readers like me, who are desperately trying to find some good Indians who could write something that make their reading time a well-spent hour each day. I would probably find a needle in a hay stack!

Did this guy chose not to write a blog because then nobody would let him steal their stories? On the other hand, you tell people that you'll print their stories, they will willingly pour their heart out and not even charge you for it. Some are just happy to see their tales in print and you cash in on that. He even says in his book that you can email him any quotable BPO narratives you have for him. Hail, hail!

By the way, what's with the BPO hang-up? So, Chetan Bhagat wrote a book called 'One Night @ The Call Center'. Do I need more books re-iterating the same scene in the form of different repeated unrepeatable stories? The book doesn't even have a proper order in which the stories are lined up. Dude, don't you think you should have done some work atleast, instead of just stringing your day to day life at your workplace, page after page? For the 150 bucks I paid, don't you think you could have put in about a couple of hours worth of your own sweat into the book?

He's got a line out of Chetan Bhagat (who I like, incidentally) printed on the top cover of his book. It goes something like 'Not 10, Not 20, Not 50 but 150 stories from BPOs and Call Centres'. That should have been enough to tell me not to buy the book... why wasn't I concentrating? Note that Chetan says nothing about the content of the book... well, if you ask me, there really was nothing to say except what he has!

So, that's it! No more Indian English authors for me - not men atleast, not for a long time.

Let me see if Paulo (Coelho) can fix my mood... I've got his latest. Hmmm... think I ought to finish his earlier one before I start on the new book? Maybe!

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  1. Okay, my mistake. The cover pages had everything in them to deter me from buying the book, yet I did.
    (1) The book didn't have a great review by Chetan Bhagat
    (2) It said Compilation of BPO Stories
    (3) It cost 95 bucks
    (4) etc etc

    Maybe I was drunk when I bought it

    Maybe there are people who will like it

    Any buyers? For half price?