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3 Jul 2009


Overheard in the coffee room yesterday morning...

A: Yesterday evening, did Rama give more tension?
B: No yaa, it's not tension. It's irritation
A: What is the difference of tension and irritation?
B: Means, tension is different
A: When you get lot of irritation, you become tension
B: No yaa, it is irritation only

Missed the rest as I was rolling on the floor, clutching my stomach!

Another interesting email sent out to a very large audience, providing 'Just a heads up' on some event. It says the sender is hoping to 'take co-operation from all of you' when the time comes. If he took away my co-operation, what will I do? he he he he he!


  1. LOL! So did you give your co-operation away?

  2. Not yet.. he didn't come to me for it :P