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17 Jul 2009

Orkut Orkut

Sometimes, I go to other people's Orkut profiles from my friends list and read their scraps. Sometimes I read scraps from profiles of friends of friends. I rarely have time to do that but today was one of those days. Having been entirely absorbed in my little world of EMA for months and now that it was finally time to let go & move on, I spent a part of my day trying to see what's going on in people's lives.

Here's one really hilarious scrap I came across. I can't name anyone, of course!

hi xyz

how r u

you are very beautiful

I was in splits when I read this. Clearly, a wannabe trying to hit on a girl he doesn't even know. How miserable!

This activity can get real boring, however. Most people lead boring lives. It's mostly a bunch of bored guys and girls screaming at the top of their voices - 'Yay, I'm getting married', 'Yippeeee, I'm married', 'Yay, I had a baby', 'Yipppeee, I named the baby', 'Yay, I took a break'... practically everything that's considered normal is a cause for excitement in their otherwise pathetic lives. Not very different from mine, I would say if I were honest. I even hype up project implementations on my Facebook profile. Far from interesting!

So I do this to kill boredom, read about other people's bored lives and bore the hell out of myself! Now I'm writing this & getting bored... ewww, how many times did I say that already. Time to pack up. Ta!

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  1. I sense a dull ache in my head coming on...