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17 Jul 2009

EMA Night Eve - Movie night

I watched Harry Potter last night with some of the boys at work. As all things go in my life, it wasn't without stress. Waiting for last minute installations on my laptop, chasing up with the support guys... you know the stuff that always holds you back at work on an occasional day that you need to leave early!

The boys were great. They insisted on holding on to my ticket and waiting up to take me to the movie, even after I asked them to go ahead without me. And it wasn't even about paying for my ticket... I would've done that anyway. A really really nice gesture! Reminds me of the old days... college days... boys were always like that. Chivalrous. Drop a girl home after going out, wait & make sure all's okay. It doesn't happen so often these days, what with girls becoming independent and equal and all that. Boys don't have the time or patience anymore either! These fellows with me were nice. And yes, they waited with me after the movie until my husband picked me up. If not, one of them would've made sure I got home safe. I don't doubt that.

Their company was great too. No grumbling, no complaining about anything. We talked about the movie & Harry Potter for a long time after the movie. Abhi & Joy amaze me with their capacity to remember names of characters and spells in the book! They remembered what the movie missed showing too. Wow! That is so cool! I can never remember names and barely the details in the books that I read. Oh yeah, when I say names, I mean... full names. Including the Surname. A nick-name, had there been one, I bet!

I couldn't help overhearing a bunch of guys frustrated after the movie. Joy & I laughed when he heard them. They were wondering why Dumbledore died and why so easily, without even a fight. They were wondering what would happen to Harry Potter now and why there was no Voldemort in this movie. Snape & the BIG question - Good Severus, Bad Severus? The action was less & there was more of teenage drama ('snogging' et al). In fact, even our own Sham had those questions. Well, atleast they can read the next book if they wanted to. In our days, we had to wait for the next book to be published, then stand in the queue on the day of release from 6AM in the morning. No regrets though, it was totally worth it!

This is one of the better made movies in the Harry Potter series too. I loved the visuals. Harry Potter & Hermione have grown way more cute over the years (yeah, ok, Daniel Radcliffe & Emma Watson). Hogwarts brought back old memories from the book & earlier movies...

All in all, a very enjoyable evening. It's been so long since I'd been to the movies, since I'd gone out and since I'd been out with a group of fun guys.

Felt like a perfect way to get ready for the install night. Big night tonight. Hubby's promised he might stay up to give me company. That's nice, really nice :) I was worrying unnecessarily about having to work alone at home, while the rest of the crowd was at office. Not any more.

What does it mean when so many nice things happen to you at once? Happy days are here again!! Touchwood! A nail-biting wait, a nail-biting night, a nail-biting weekend later I'll know what ANZ Portfolio looks like in the real world. Can't wait for it!

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