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8 Jul 2009

Let's Clean Bangalore in One Day

My husband found me this link and it sounds like just another one of those hundreds of organizations trying to desperately save what we can, of Bangalore. Another enterprising young (don't take my word for it) man using the internet to reach a wider audience. It is yet to be seen where this one goes, even though he doesn't promise much more than just 1 day's work. Nevertheless, just like all those numerous volunteers/activists, this sounds worthwhile, simply by nature of the fact that while it's being done, it serves a purpose.


Whether it leads to something bigger is not the question. As they say, charity begins at home. So let's start practising... pick up those brooms, give the maid a holiday and start cleaning up your homes. The countdown begins!

If you can form a group, there's nothing more fun than a volunteer activity... after all, it's not something we do everything... definitely not something you can do when you chose to. What's more... we can finally say we 'celebrated' Independence Day!

Why am I promoting this? Because I love my city. I love my Bengaluru!

Disclaimer: Please visit the link for more details. I am merely a citizen, trying to further a cause by putting in my tuppence worth. Thank you!

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