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25 Oct 2009

Lucky - 10 yrs (66 dog years)

Old age has caught up with Lucky. She is all of 10 years but still our little baby. Adorable and cuddly as ever.

Come cold season and her arthritis acts up. Being heavy as she is and a big dog, doesn't help at all. She's being quite strong and taking it well. If she can manage it, she's up for a short game of ball and when possible, takes a short trip to mum's. She definitely won't let it stop her from being the food monster.

She swallows half a dozen tables twice a day, cannot sit & stand as she pleases until the legs get better and yet, she won't let that affect her lifestyle. A little more hours dedicated to sleep but that's okay she thinks, life gives out shit and I don't have to wallow in it.

Shoes and a shirt - something she hates but she will do it, if that's what it takes to fight the bad cold season. She's the same shirt size as the husband, so there's no dearth of clothes. When she wants to look cool, there's my lot of spaghetti-tops for her. Now, that's some wardrobe for a cute chick.

Pee-ing is a chore that she dreads, for she has to walk down two flights of stairs. With a little persuasion and a little help, she manages it, hard as it may be. That's my baby, the fighter!

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