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21 Nov 2009

A Dinner Date With U

Have you ever sat in a restaurant, watching other people while they are lost in their own little worlds? And laughed out loud, trying to break into their reverie? The husband (U) and I did both recently.

3 people at a table next to us.
Kid: A slim blonde, who looked like an 8 year old, sitting, but must have been atleast 20.
Chick: A dark-skinned, pretty Indian lady in her thirties, curly hair and a sad look in her eyes.
Guy: A tall, scrawny-looking man, in his thirties too, grey or light brown hair, self-absorbed look on his face.

I say: I think they are 3 strangers from different countries. They just met at the table and decided to eat together

U turns around to look at them and says nothing.

I say: What are you thoughts?
U says: To con the other two and take the chick away

After a moment of silence, we both burst out laughing. All 3 at the table look at us!

I decide to make a note of the conversation to write later. He's bothering me incessantly with his fork. I shush him and he says, "I get shushed during my own quote?"

Oh dear God, I had to write that down in my note too, so I would not forget it. In between all the giggling and shaking, it is really hard to write.

Finally, I'm done writing. I put my phone away.

We turn to look at the people on my left. This time, it's 2 people. A 'happy' couple who smile so politely that you would miss the smile if you weren't staring at them real hard (Umm... yeah, we were the 'shameless couple' for the evening).

The girl talks so softly it's a wonder that the guy across the table could hear her. He kept a blank expression plastered on his face, so we couldn't tell. I'm willing to bet he did that so she wouldn't know he couldn't hear her! Being polite, you see. Occasionally, he says something funny (I think), for the girl appears to think for a moment and then curves those lips in the faintest of smiles taking care not to cause any wrinkles on that pretty face or hurt the mouth too much or display the steak stuck in between her teeth. If I am not concentrating so hard, I might have missed the smile, I swear.

She cuts the steak with her knife so gently (Thank God they have good knives at The Only Place) and holds it in her fork for a while as she speaks (whispers?). It reminds me of all those girls who smoke to look chic. They light the cigarette, puff it once and then let it burn out the next couple of minutes. Another puff, another wait and lo! The cigarette is finished! Coming back to the table next to us, well, the steak didn't do the disappearing act or anything. Maybe she hated it and was just 'being polite'.

I didn't realize that U was looking too, until he could not stand it anymore and says, "Look alive people!"

They don't even move a muscle. Maybe they didn't hear him (phew!). Maybe they were being polite. What do you know. I was too busy rolling off my chair, laughing!

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