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10 Nov 2009

Google Logos

Take a look at the logos in the link (click on title). This is the kind of work I would love to do. Unleash your creativity, go crazy, splash colours, create something! Ah, it's a long time since I've felt that high, the one that comes from loving your work.

Writing, sketching, drawing, dancing, singing... tried them all. I wonder how it might have been if I had been talented in any one of these skills. Or photography, making a movie maybe? There's such a long list, such variety out there and what did I pick? Writing code. Duh! Any moron can write a code and rig up a document.

Well, maybe it's time to pick up a hobby, do something creative and see how I go? Looks like it's a day of 'see how I go' today. Second one this and there's more coming.

Mmm... I'm loving it. Oh, that was the ice-cream I've been hogging... chocolate flavour with choco-chips. Have to go, before it melts or I will have to drink it up. Ciao-ciao!


  1. Yeah hogging is a good hobby!!

    Even I was thinking its high time for u to get into a hobby. bored of seeing u in ur desk all the time coding and looking through some documents(which any moron can do)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Abhi, just what I needed :D