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21 Nov 2009

Stranger, Don't Trespass!

I've never tried to 'make friends' with a stranger, so I don't know what it feels like. Frankly, I don't believe most of them are really trying to make friends.

I can't help wondering what people are thinking when they spam your inbox with emails proclaiming how badly they want to be your friend.

I've had ones that simply say they want to be my friend. I ignore them. Then there are others who send me their email ids. Hmmm. Ignore. There are those emails with phone numbers, saying call me. Mate, I must be really desperate if I am going to spend money on a loser like you!

And then there are the 'special ones' like these I found in my WAYN inbox this morning! Get a life people!!!

Hi i am Zafar from Bangalore working with IIBBMM in Finance and Accounts field looking out for good friends so if you are interested in having a good friendship than do reply me...........my id in gmail is zaffar143

Namaskara Sangeetha
HI how r u
iam Manju from bangalore
waht u do

do u chat in gmail
if yes give ur id na
is my id

Hello, Sangeeta
I am Sonu from Ahmedabad, a freelance consultant.. I seem to like your profile. though a bit criptic it is.. Hmm come to think of it I think you look very charming. where ? No pic? ha i thought so. hehe..
Me looking for a sweet close frined to share my thoughts, my moods, my fancies and all my mind . I mean a friend, a companion in true sense. I thought may be we have that possiblity. what do you think? May be we have good friends in us. think of it. and do write to me..
Hope to hear from you. and keep smling always any way.

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