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21 Nov 2009

Lucky, the baby

As she grows older, Lucky is behaving more and more like a baby, throwing tantrums these days. Today, she ripped off the bandage around her ears and hid under the cot (guilt, it appears). She refused to come out until Ullas cajoled her out from under the cot. All because he'd not been giving her enough attention for the last 2 or 3 days!

She was very happy when I told her that we'll go to the terrace to play ball. She waited patiently until we had dinner and then insisted that we go up to play. We went up for a few minutes, played ball and then she sat down with Ullas, both of them having their one-sided conversation - one listening, the other talking.

Soon, we decided to come down as Ullas had a headache. She was reluctant but between the two of us, we managed to convince her to head home with a lot of begging & pleading. She's in a much better mood now, the best I've seen in the last 3 days.

It's cute to watch her behaving like a spoilt kid sometimes but it's also heartbreaking... she needs so much attention, poor baby.

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