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30 Nov 2009

The Re-union Teacher Invites & Remembering BPS Days...

I've spent the last week, visiting teachers from my school-days and visiting school, meeting students, listening to current lives of teachers, the current school scenario and re-capturing old memories. It's been such an exhilarating experience! Walking down memory lane has taken a new meaning!

Ashwini and I have been so excited and enjoyed ourselves so much that it never occured us to take pictures. We just lived each second of each meeting like an experience we never want to forget. We never will. Time had no meaning, the minutes just kept ticking and it meant nothing to us. We did not remember to call parents or spouses, did not miss friends... in fact, even cheated a couple of hours out of work and care naught for it. It was simply not worth missing these moments for anything!

Sudha Rao miss, Gopal miss, Chandramohan miss, Hema miss, Mrs. George (madam), Rathi miss, Kanakalatha miss, Rina miss, Manjula miss - what a joy to see them all again. They have hardly changed much since we last remembered them. Whereas we struggled to remember names of about 20-odd teachers that taught us over a dozen years, our teachers remembered us, our full names (including initials), our families, what we looked like back then, little things that we did, our friends.... just about everything. Fourteen years after we passed out with as many years of new students and so many batches, they still have such amazing memories! It is unbelievable!

There are no ways of expressing the feeling. No real words that can describe those hours. I wish I could just contain those minutes in a glass bowl and re-live them whenever I want!

I can't wait for the actual re-union. Students and teachers alike. I know it will be nothing like this. Ash & I feel so honoured and are so glad that we got to invite the teachers, we got to spend quality time with them, we got to see them first and give them the pleasant

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