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17 Jan 2010

10 Honest Things About Me

When I first started blogging, it was just about keeping myself in touch with writing - keeping my written English a tad cleaner than the spoken, to be more precise. So it has remained, until this day. I am not a regular follower of anyone's blogs nor have I attempted to invite visitors to my own or make new friends. The quiet privacy accorded by Blogger suits me just fine and I refuse to move out to a more open space, although I have considered it on one occasion.

A friend and fellow-blogger, who's very active on the blogging scene posted this yesterday and invited me to read it http://jeeney.wordpress.com/2010/01/16/i-have-received-so-i-give/ . Now I'm expected to come up with 10 honest things about myself. This is hard. As hard as writing up a self-assessment for that annual appraisal or putting together a resume for a new job. I was procrastinating on this activity until this morning, when someone pushed me to give it a shot. There are some people I just cannot refuse anything, so here I am.
  • My name means music but as the husband puts it I "cannot sing a tune to save my life"
That reminds me of my earliest days at Engineering college. As fate would have it, I was one of those bakras (scapegoat) trapped by seniors to be 'ragged' and I was asked to sing songs in all the languages that I knew. Try as they may, they could not get me sing or even remember lines of any of the songs they wanted. Eventually, they settled for making me wear salwar to college for an entire week, with flowers in my hair. Those were the days when wearing a salwar was, for me, dressing up for a costume party
  • I can speak 3 & 1/4 languages and understand another 3 (somewhat)
English is the language I speak best (uh umm) and think in. Kannada, I speak better than a lot of Bengaluru Kannadigas. Hindi, our national language and that which saved the day when I first moved to Mumbai. Malayalam is my mother-tongue. Whereas I can understand a fair bit of it, I barely manage to say much and even then it would be in a strong Kannadiga accent. Hence, qualifies as 1/4th of a language in the language count.

Every South Indian must (atleast every Bangalorean must) understand a smattering of Tamil and Telugu, and so I do. My Mumbai days has familiarized me with a few words in Marathi...
  • Although I am mostly seen in trousers/jeans and shirts/tees, my wardrobe has more girly dresses/tops/salwars
I attribute this mainly to the fact that on days that I am wearing the 'girl' cap, I end up having shopping binges and buy clothes by the dozen. Considering that I hardly wear them, they last longer and the wardrobe just grows bigger.
  • My best friends have always been boys
For a long time, I use to check out girls because that's what boys do and that's what I did with my best friends. Somewhere along the line, I fell in love with one cute guy, married him and never found anyone else cute ever again. How many cute guys have come and gone while I was busy checking out the same girls that they were?

I guess it's never too late to make up...
  • I've only met one girl in my entire life who was anything like me and we shared some wonderful times together
My roommate and I stayed up late nights watching Tom Cruise movies or crying over 'Life Is Beautiful', allowed the boys to cook for us while we watched Just-For-Laughs on Pogo, spent hours at the beauty parlour, went shopping at Borivli the first week of every month to pick up cheap trousers for 50 bucks off the streets, slept late into the mornings until the boys went nuts knocking at our door to go out for breakfast and then there were some crazy stuff we did...
  • I've been wanting to get back to yoga for some time now. It's been over 11 years and I'm still saying...
Need I say more? I wasted 250 bucks on a CD by Shilpa Shetty. Well, I played it once...
  • I love pets
I used to be terrified of dogs until, one day, at the age of 15, I decided that I wanted one. After much persuasion, my parents let me get a pomeranian, the cheapest available at the vet, for 600 bucks. There's been no looking back. After Sonu, there's Lucky. I also have fish and some trying times managing them! I wouldn't change any of that for anything
  • I am terrible with clothes
During my college days, I was really thin and I wore over-sized men's shirts and baggy trousers. Now, I'm fat and want to wear clothes that I cannot carry off!
  • I love playing pranks
Right from the days of reading Mallory Towers, Chalet School books, I have loved the idea of playing pranks on people. While most children finish their quota during their school days and grow up once they start working, my pranks started only after I started working. I guess I'm growing backwards
  • I change my hairstyle every year
I first cut my hair 7 years ago, when I started working and I have changed my hairstyle every year. Each time, I have managed to horrify people around me.

Phew! That took a lot of digging. I wish I had more blogger-friends. I'd like to do what my friend did. Jot down a few names and go 'Tag, you're it!'


  1. The last one in the list should be, "I cannot count"! There are only 9 items you listed...

  2. You've got to be kidding me! There are 10, what did you miss? :-O

  3. I think that's not all the truth about you buddy :) I liked this blog. I wouldn't be writing anything close to this for sure

  4. @Anon - go back to school to learn counting!! :D
    Hey, I found some more things about you. :D
    You can play tag later on too. You just got to remember.
    Mallory Towers - not so great. But St.Claire's was a fave of mine.

  5. @Karthik Tag, you're it ;-) Go for it, mate!
    @Jeena As you can see, I doubt any of my friends would do it. So far, only 1 has done the my-10-honest-things and that was over email.