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3 Jan 2010

Sunday Morning - 03.01.10

Woke up at 5.30AM and read my morning email, as always. I usually have an alarm to read it at 4.30AM but it's a Sunday. Just caught the husband leaving for an offroading on his bike and went right back to sleep, after asking him to take care. 

At 6.30AM, the maid ringing the bell woke me up. I went around, moving things off the floor so that the maid wouldn't miss a spot, left Lucky at mom's and made tea for the maid. I watered the plants and left Lucky on the terrace for a pee.

The maid left at 7.30AM and I logged in to reply to the morning's email. That done, a quick blog and some tweets later, I logged off to get started on some household chores. I've been sick for the last couple of days and the husband has turned the house into a junkyard. 

At 8.40AM, I fed the fishes, fed Lucky and set about to make breakfast for the husband, who was yet to return from his ride. For the first time in my life, the dosas turned out perfect. The first dosa made me squeal in delight. This has never happened to me before! While the dosas were being made, I arranged the washed dishes in their drawers and wrote some quick notes for this blog. Not to mention the running around to find the right lid for the 'hot box' where the dosas were being transferred to. Lucky occasionally paid me a visit in the kitchen and I had to make small talk to keep her happy. Thank God for multi-tasking!!

As is practice when I make dosas, I am always tempted to make a little design out of the dosa batter. For lack of creativity, I simply end up adding little circles around the regular central big round dosa. When that was done, there was just one little spoon of batter left. I made a kutti dosa (little dosa) for Lucky. 


That done, I set about tackling the dishes in the sink. All nice & clean, returned mum's vessels to her and sat down for another quick email. 

I'm trying to scrimp on ISD text messages, so the emails happen fairly frequently these days. The husband walked in while I was in the middle of my email, tired and hungry. I quickly brought the chutney from mum's place, fixed it and served him dosas. The husband wanted tea. I made a cup of tea for him and sat down to finish my email.

The husband finished his breakfast and refused to take mom to the bank or walk Lucky when asked. Mum won't drive with me and would rather cancel her plans instead, which she did. As I was beginning to log out, What A Girl Wants was playing on TV and it was too tempting to let pass but I had to. I had things to get done. The husband went to sleep and refused to move, no matter how many times I called him. Annoyed and needing a break, I sat down to watch the movie.

I got carried away by the internet and telly, as I expected to happen and hoped I would avoid today. Three hours later, I'm sitting here, writing this blog, another email and a few tweets, watching re-runs of FRIENDS. The afternoon has passed.

I need to get about a do my hour-long cycle ride and make my resume today. If I don't move now, I never will.

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