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5 Jan 2010

As The Family Grows In Size...

I said I was not going to write today because it was really late in the night. I had to sleep for I have an early morning tomorrow. However, that is not to be. Sleep eludes me and my mind is restless for there are thoughts in there that need to be stowed away. Like the old headmaster Dumbledore's pensieve, in the Harry Potter's series.

I remembered to water the plants tonight, before hitting the sack. That got me thinking, took me back in time, in some sort of a reverse action (remember Fast Forward and Fast Reverse in the VCPs of the good old days?)

When the husband and I first left my in-laws place to set up a home by ourselves, we were not sure how we would manage. All we had was the determination to do it. It was not easy but we somehow survived the ups and downs. I have never had a reason to regret the decision. Within a year of moving out and in the midst of our struggle to live on our own, the in-laws demanded that we take the family dog in with us, as they could not take care of her any more. I was worried as to how we fit her in our busy lives, both of us working and barely managing to get the domestic chores done.

A few sleepless nights later, we brought Lucky home, on the husband's insistence. It was not an easy ride at all. She hated being alone and either the husband or I had to rush home from office every day, when the house owner called, annoyed by her howling. The neighbours were constantly complaining to the owner and she wanted us to "do something about the dog". It didn't help that her own children went to the balcony and teased the poor, scared baby. We managed somehow. We got her a radio for her following birthday and played it softly for the time we were away, so she could feel the presence of company and not be overwhelmed by the silence in the house. It seemed to work for a bit.

Slowly, she got used to our routines and began to enjoy living with us. We took her to the in-laws' place on an occasional weekend, for they missed her. During the weekdays, we walked her a couple of kilometers to my parents' place, which she absolutely loved. Soon, she became an inseparable part of our lives. She's our baby now. I cannot imagine a day in my life without her in it. I would be lost if I'd to spend a night without her in the same room as me or without the assurance that she'll be there to wag her tail at me as soon as I open my eyes the next morning.

She's just merged into our lives like brushing teeth or having bath. She's not a responsibility. After this, the only thing that could be an extra responsibility was having a baby. Or so, I thought.

One morning, on a whim, I brought home my parents' old aquarium, lying dirty and abandoned in the garage. Mum and I cleaned it, painted & dried it on the terrace and it was ready to be a home to my fishes. I don't know what made me do it, just knew that I wanted to. I brought home a couple of Black Ghost Knives and a handful of guppies. There has been no looking back since then. I love them. Today, they are another integral part of my life.

The husband and I shared an excitement inexplicable, when the guppies had their babies. It broke our hearts to see one of our blackies die in front of our eyes. It's amazing how they can bring about such an array of emotions in our hearts, without saying a word or connecting with us in any way another human or animal might. I have no regrets.

They're part of my life now, not a responsibility I wish I didn't have! All they need is to be fed twice a day, the air-pump/motor and light switched on for a few hours, a fortnightly cleaning of the tank and changing water. No fuss.

I didn't see anything else coming after this. How could there be? I might have wanted another pup but Lucky wouldn't allow me to. Maybe it's a good thing. She isn't too thrilled about the fishes either but they leave her alone, so she leaves them alone. She feels a wee neglected on days when I'm cleaning the tank and giving the fish all my attention... or on days like the one where the husband and I were rescuing the guppies from their parents. Well, that did not stop me from adding another member-group to the family. It was meant to be.

Last week I brought home plants. Three pots with baby palms, standing tall in the balcony adjoining the bedroom. One Tulsi in the balcony adjoining the library (mum insisted that it was good to have a Tulsi in that particular direction, so it stands alone in the other balcony). All they need is to be watered twice a day. If I did only once, they don't complain either way.

The plants experience is still new. While I enjoy seeing green in my balconies, the challenge will be to ensure that I do not kill them. I hope I can pull this one off too, just like I managed with Lucky and the fishes. I don't know what is in store for me next. It's too early to anticipate. I'll just go with the flow. When it happens, I'm sure it will bring just as much joy into my life as all these other things have.


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  2. You can pick of the 3 'Reactions'. Just check the box against funny/interesting/ugh. That's pretty much the same :-)

  3. Modified template a bit. Smileys out there now to 'Like' or NOT

  4. Where did you get the greens from? I've been meaning to do something, but Siya's destructive ways are making me put it off.

  5. Stole a couple from mum's place ;-) Dad got it from Doddabalapur when he used to work there.

  6. Nice dude!!! you did not tell me about the greens at all... why did you hide that from me chotu?

  7. Hiding nothing from you mate.. here it is, complete with pictures et al :D