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2 Jan 2010

Lights Off, It's Playtime

When I go for a walk around 9PM, on some nights, I find the watchman's dog Taapi chained and fast asleep. So are the rest of the dogs in the street, i.e. either sleeping or walking around looking for food. On days when my walk is delayed to an hour when all is quiet and only the street lights are on, I've found that it's time for the dogs to play. The older ones mostly walk around or watch while the younger ones have their fun. It usually lasts for a couple of hours, for I have seen them play well past midnight.

Lucky & I stopped to muck around in the garage tonight, after our daily walk. While I sat on the stairway, she stood watching Taapi and another black dog play. They are both nearly the same age and fast friends. Chasing each other, rolling on the ground, jumping on each other, it's fun to watch them. My little one is 10 years old but I bet she wishes she could play like them. She was watching them with rapt attention, when my rude intervention broke into her trance. It wasn't intentional on my part, I did not know what she was upto and it really was time to go home.

This was one of those days I wish I had carried my mobile with me, so I could take some pictures. I don't usually carry my mobile on my walks with Lucky because I don't want to be interrupted by calls. I like that we spend time with each other with undivided attention. I like to understand her body language, watch where she wants to go and what she sniffs at. If the husband is with us, the two of us talk while she explores the various smells of the streets on her own, with an occasional interjection from me. If he isn't, I talk with her all along the walk, showing her other dogs, asking her rhetorical questions & making comments. She doesn't usually respond to my one-sided conversation but I know she is listening because she walks homeward when I ask her if she wants to go home and she crosses over to the other side of the road, if I point out puppies, etc.

She just walked into the room and stared at the wires on her bed. Then she looked at me, as I slowly moved the laptop cables off her bed onto the wooden floor. She has a bed large enough for 2 dogs her size but she won't let me put my cable in one corner! I guess I can't blame her, the adapter does get quite warm after a while. Moreover, she needs the freedom to sleep in any corner of the bed, as suits her mood. Take today, for instance, she does not want the pillow and has chosen to curl up in the centre of the bed. On some days, she will stick her head out of the bed and send me scurrying off to find her pillow, so she is not uncomfortable. Later in the night, I will find her leaning against the cupboard (yeah, I have to pick my clothes for the next morning, before she sleeps or I can't open my cupboard until she wakes up) and stretched across the length of the bed.

How did the topic switch from playful dogs on the road to my little one? She loves to play at night too. Many a nights, she has woken up the husband (all kids like playing ball with papa, yeah?) to play ball. Some nights, she has the ball in her mouth and wants to go to the roof. Funny dog! Just because she sleeps during the day, can we play with her all night? She just won't get it. Maybe it's because she knows the husband sleeps during the day too. Tonight's not one of those nights. She's already snoozing and I am about to head off too. The husband is watching The Big Bang Theory on the laptop. Lights off!

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