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9 Jan 2010

Lucky's "Welcome Home"

My little one was so excited to see me home early today. She wagged her tail at me and looked down the stairs. Why does she always assume that I've come home with the husband, when I'm home early? I need to tell her about my cycling!

A few minutes later the husband arrived. She must have thought I lied to her when I said he wasn't with me! She was ecstatic. They played rub-against-each-other, chase and roll for a while. She got hyper-excited and decided to chew on the husband's jacket. He complained to me and she turned away. Hmm. Baby's scared of momma!

Turned around to what? The husband's socks. She turns 5 years younger when she's playing with the husband. He has that effect on her! While she tried to run away with the socks, the husband caught her and grabbed his socks from her mouth. She followed him to where he was going to keep it. She is such a brat!

There's only so much energy one has after a tiring day at work and worse still, the gruelling ride in traffic. When mom said she was going up to the terrace, the husband sent Lucky with her too. She loves the terrace. She loves to run, play ball, sniff around and most times, just lie down in the open air and open space.

I've got a few minutes before my mum and my daughter come home. Then starts the various demands. Feed me! Feed her! Woof woof guff! Get off the laptop! Help, help, help!!

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  1. I can relate to your last paragraph! Everyone always needs something!