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30 Jan 2010

Think Of An Angel & Hear The Flutter Of Its Wings

The start of a long weekend. Saturday morning. Sleep in. Woke up at 8AM, wishing I could get a real hug!

Lucky comes, wagging her tail, when she hears me stir. My cutie-pie! I love her so much. Hugged her, rubbed her until she first sat down to enjoy the attention and finally lay down just below the bed.

The husband follows a few minutes later. First talks to Lucky. Then it's my turn. Plants a kiss on my forehead and goes out to make tea for me. Cute as it may be, I'm still wishing I could get a real hug. He suddenly turns around and flings my donkey pillow at me. "Hug this", he says. Surprised! I didn't ask for a hug, how did he know? If he knew, why didn't he hug me?

Sigh! Where is the angel whose wings flutter when you wish for...

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