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5 Aug 2009

Appa's 60th: The Preparations

I realized only a week before the birthday that it was appa's 60th! Whoa! Fortunately for me, appa & family are not too orthodox, so they didn't expect a shashtipoorthi (no way I could've pulled that off within a week). However, I was determined to make it special. The week just flew by & nothing got done, except for some initial conversations I'd started off with Sadhu. She had some ideas for a day trip & for the gift.

On Saturday, it was decided that we'll get all the shopping done.. the decorations, the gifts, the clothes, et al and on Sunday, we will relax, in preparation for the D-Day, which was Monday. By some strange quirk of coincidence, all of us were free & available on a weekday. Appa & amma retired, Sadhu finished college, Ullas & I were on leave! Nice, eh? Well, anyway... the Saturday plans didn't work, thanks to the husband falling ill & we had Sunday to get everything done.

Come Sunday morning, Sadhu's nearly reached the meeting point while the husband & I are struggling to get the car started. Stubborn thing refused to budge (later found out that the battery had given up). Lucky was mighty pleased that we got back home within 10 minutes. It was short-lived, however. We left on bike, with me barking instructions to Sadhu along the way. She ordered the cake & picked up the card by the time we got there. We bought a sari for amma from Kalamandir in Jayanagar 4th block, placed an urgent order for a B&W framed photograph of appa & amma from their younger days, gobbled a quick lunch and started making plans for the day trip on Monday. Plan A seemed okay but a plan B wasn't just working out. After a lot of attempts, we gave up on plan B. Sadhu left after vain discussions on where we could get an easy chair for appa... or one of those chair-desk combos which he could use for his writing. Sigh!

On the way back, we dropped in at Fab India at Madhavan Park to pick up kurtas for appa and guess what we found?? An easy chair... wooo hoo! We were excited. I sent across the picture to Sadhu (mmmm... Mobile technology) & she liked it. Got back home with the kurtas and while Ullas had a quick snack, I did some farming. The car was fixed & then it was a mad rush again!

We had to pick up the cake, the photographs, the easy chair - all before 8.30PM. A crazy traffic ride & we reached Jayanagar around 8PM. I ran into GK Vale for the pictures, while Ullas rushed to Sweet Chariot for the cake! At GK Vale, I hurried the sales people at the counter for my pictures, paid, all the time on phone with the guys at Fab India explaining to the guys that I'd be there in 10 minutes to pick up the easy chair, could they please have it ready? The framed photograph was awesome. I came down & called Ullas who was struggling to get the attention of the guy at the cake shop, because there was another customer before him. We got into the car at 8.26PM & hit the accelerator towards Fab India.

I reach the shop, only to find the door locked & the security guard says the shop is closed. As luck would have it, the shutters weren't down yet & the sales guys could see me through the glass door. I waved at them & explained that I'd called beforehand. The guy opened the door, packed my chair & billed me at top speed, even keeping a customer who was already at the counter, waiting. Then, he came down with me to the car & helped us load the piece of furniture into it.

You'd think this is it & we can now go home, right? Nope! We still had to get the decorations. Ullas had called Sadhu while I was at Fab India & found out that we could get the stuff at BDA Complex in Banashankari. It was 8.45PM & I needed to get home to watch the grand finale of Rakhi Ka Swayamvar. Sadhu texts saying the channel isn't tuned on their TV... grrrrrrrrrr! I was beginning to get frustrated. Bought our balloons & candles, had some comfort food & were walking towards the car when Sadhu says she's managed to tune into RKS. YipppeeeE! The day just couldn't get any better.

Rushed home & while Sadhu and Ullas unloaded the car with all the stuff, amma & I watched RKS!

We then arranged the stuff on the chair, bloated the balloons, covered it all up with a bedsheet & went to bed.

That was one mad weekend but it worked out so perfect. I still can't believe we managed all that in a day! And it was totally worth it... read the next blog to find out how it went!

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