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5 Dec 2009

Puppy Love

I love dogs. I adore puppies. Sometimes I think dogs never grow up. They remain puppies forever!

Puppies are the cutest, cuddliest things you can bring into your life. When it comes to strays, I've never seen one that's single. They're always atleast two of them and they always stick together. The bonding is so strong. There's two on the street behind my house. One fellow is always following the other, no matter what they are upto.

Puppies look even cuter when they are sleeping. They cuddle together, looking like a single ball of fur or coiled together, creating the warmest picture I have seen.

I saw these when I went to school a couple of days ago. The fairer guy woke up when he saw us. See that yawn? Oh my! You just want to lift him in the air & cuddle him! The other two lying one on top of the other, in the typical puppy-sleeping style. I just wanted to stand there and watch them!!

This morning, I saw the cutie-pie doggies in the street behind my house, sleeping in. At 6 in the morning, they were still not up. They were lying together... it was such a beautiful sight... it made my day! Each little fellow lying in a foetal position, one with his head on the other. So much warmth, so much comfort, being there for one another...

I love dogs. I love puppies. I love that dogs never grow up & remain puppies forever.

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