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23 Apr 2010

Blog Names

So, you decided to start a blog. Why? Of most blogs that I follow, some are about voicing your opinion to a larger audience, some about finding someone to talk about your long days, some about grabbing attention, some about making friends and so on. I used to think one might blog just for the writing experience but I have come a long way from believing that it is that simple. Your writing skills or desire to write are no pre-requisite for a blog. If you have something to say and you are willing to share, that is reason enough.

Other than some titles whose meanings are obvious, there are some others that make you wonder what the person might have been thinking while naming their blog. Among the ones I follow there are, The Process of Healing, Kiwi Travel Writer, Highway Travels, Our Life In Bangalore, Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities, etc that are self-explanatory. The blogs revolve around the titles. All posts come under one broad category that forms the title.

Then there are those like mine, which cover anything under the sun and hence need a more generic title. So there are Random Thoughts, Ramblings, Avalokana - In Retrospect, etc. My own blog title was an act of laziness. I just picked the first word that came to my mind (as I do for my passwords which, by the way, makes them very secure) and added the word 'Digest' to it. Bumblebee Digest. I liked the way it felt... it sort of describes me. Bees are busy creatures and I like a busy status, I get very restless when I have nothing to do or I am just waiting for something to do.

There are a couple of blogs that I follow that are simply a part of what is probably a larger website or they are just popular. They are not exactly personal blogs but I find that they make interesting reading too. That is how Dilbert.com Blog and Paulo Coelho's Blog feature on my "Blogs I'm Following" list. Recently, I found out that Brazen Careerist by Penelope Trunk is, even though a personal blog, a promotional strategy to introduce readers to the organization called Brazen Careerist run by PT and a couple others. They both have their own blogs too, where they talk about their personal lives.

There are some blogs which are names that may seem straightforward or may have been thought of on the spur of the moment and remained, no matter what the content. I may be wrong but that's what Mommy Said What, Me ... A Geek ... No Way!!, etc seem like to me.

The ones I find intriguing are Fancy That... Fancy This, The Dreaming Arm, The Worsted Witch, Doing Jalsa and Showing Jilpa, etc. Sorry, what? They all sound nice, fancy and most of them write really well, so I cannot help wondering if I could take a peek into their minds back when they thought up this title. Is there an interesting story behind that too? Maybe something for a new blog post?

I blog on Blogger, yet most blogs I follow are on Wordpress. Blogger belongs to google, so it allows me to login using my gmail details. In fact, if I am on Firefox or Chrome, I do not even need to login again if I have a gmail tab open in the same window. That's how I originally settled for Blogger. I found Wordpress through a colleague of mine, who started her blog here a while ago. I liked the interface and how easy it was to find interesting blogs from another blog-post or the Wordpress homepage. That's how I ended up following so many Wordpress bloggers. However, I could never move from Blogger to Wordpress because I like the quiet privacy (sort of) that Blogger offers me against the open-space kind of publicity that Wordpress provides.

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