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8 Apr 2010

The Process Of Healing

I'm not a great fan of shows or sessions that talk about God and religion. I have nothing against them, it is just that I find those things very personal. I would get very uncomfortable if I had to be part of a discussion around these topics, unless on a light note. If I read something related that might have touched me, I would never post it on my blog or anywhere else. It amazes me how many people can unabashedly preach and write about that stuff. 

I found The Process Of Healing by Jessica, who is in the process of healing from a run-related injury, when I went over to read Ameena's guest post on her blog. A note in her blog from earlier this week, struck me. It's something that I've believed in, although I might have worded it differently, if I had to do it myself. She heard this on a Joyce Meyer show on TV

"God will bring trials into our lives but only trials that are going to work out for the good, that are going to lift us up, and make us stronger in the end. He is not going to bring something into our lives that we can’t handle."

Although it doesn't stop me from stressing (I pretty much thrive on it), I always promise myself, when things go wrong, that I will grow out of this a stronger person because there has got to be something better waiting for me. It is almost impossible to look at things that way when you're really down. Fortunately for me, I've always had someone reinforcing the faith in me. 

When I hit a crisis situation in office late last year, my boss had called me up and said, "I'm sure you'll emerge a stronger woman at the end of this, Sangeetha, don't give up. Keep your head down, ignore the things around you and keep doing the good work you always do". It had made a difference to me at so many levels. The sentence rang in my head every time I thought it was going to be hard to move forward. I had received a lot of support and some very well-meant advice, which helped me get where I am today, but that sentence rung in my head whenever I found it hard to say it to myself. Then there was the faith constantly instilled by my own very angel, who said so often that things had to get better that I believed in that belief!

This is the year of change for me. The year of making things happen for me. My year. 2010. The year of loosening up about closeted feelings, opening up to uncomfortable situations and taking risks. As I slowly unravel myself, I find that it is not all as hard as I thought it might be. It has been and continues to be unnerving often-times but the effort is worthwhile. I have found a whole new meaning in the world of friendships. I have  been able to make decisions that could make some of my dreams reality. 

This blog is one such attempt. Loosening up. It was hard but do-able. Earlier this week, I resigned from my current job without another one at hand. A risk but I took it. 

In a couple of months, I will embark upon an event that could change my life in many ways - another big chance with my life - I'm anxious and excited. In eight months, another event - more excitement than anxiety. 

Through all this, I'm uncovering bits of myself I had never known existed and loving every day of discovery!


  1. Funny coincidence! Kim, who authors a blog titled 'Adventures in Wanting' explains, in her latest post, why her blog is called so. To sum it up in 4 words and quote from her last para, "leaving my comfort zone"


  2. As always, my best wishes are with you :)