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4 Apr 2010

Daddy's Deli

One of the houses on 12th Main Road, Indiranagar was converted into Daddy's Deli a while ago. Initially, I assumed it must be one of those obscenely expensive restaurants that serve miniscule portions, so it was never on my list of places to visit. That was until I saw quite a bit of a crowd there a couple of times and I wondered if I should try it out. Then, it slipped my mind. While searching for Corner House on Friday night, a friend of the husband suggested we try out Daddy's Deli (they share the building) and recommended a mutton dish.

On Saturday night, we went to Corner House again (the husband's craving for ice-cream). After the husband gobbled up a couple of ice-creams, we headed upstairs to the Parsi restaurant for dinner. Don't be alarmed by the fact that we had dessert first and then dinner. I married a weirdo. As the cliche goes, love is blind.

It is a small place, with about 8 or 10 tables. There was one couple other than us, in the restaurant and I can't remember if there was music. I felt a little claustrophobic initially but the lights were good and the tables were well-spaced out that I got over it in seconds. The husband loved the private-party feeling. Except for a couple of paintings on the wall and the neatly arranged tables, there isn't much by way of an ambience but whatever is there, is pleasant. There is a book-shelf with old magazines one could pick up while waiting for the order, which arrived in reasonably good time anyway.

The place claims that they are "also a Wine Tavern" and urges us to try out their wine. There is a bottle of Kinvah Shiraz, from their own Nandi Wines, at the centre of every table. The cute napkins with dual coloured edges tickled my fancy.

When you say "wine place", I try wine. I did not go for their in-house wine but tried another of the Shiraz on their menu instead. The husband's suggestion. I think I might have finally acquired a taste to wine. I love the smell of it before the start of my meal. Mmmmm. The husband had beer with his pre-dinner snacks back home and had to ride, so he ordered the lassi and lemonade (no comments). A bowl of Fryums were complimentary.

I had walked into the restaurant knowing exactly what I wanted to eat, so my main course was pre-decided. It would be the dish made up of several dals and mutton. Before that, the entree. We ordered the chicken cutlet platter, which came with about 8 pieces of soft cutlet with a green chutney. The combination was heavenly. It was a little too greasy for my comfort but one bite into the minced meat dipped in the chutney was enough to help me decide that I had to come back here with the rest of the family!

I ordered the Dhansakh that was recommended by the husband's friend. It consisted of a rice dish cooked with 9 different types of dals, a bowl of the best mutton curry I have tasted in a long time with a side of onions and lemon slices. We would have ordered another rice dish (the goan Curry Chawal sounded yumm) but the waiter indicated that it might be too heavy for two people.

When I looked at the bowl of rice (Dhan), I knew he was right. I could never finish it without the husband's help!

The Sakh was the thick mutton gravy (which probably also had some of the dals or all, I am not sure), with 2 large mutton pieces cooked to perfection.

And the side dish of onions...

If I had any hopes that the husband would help me finish the dish, I was wrong. He barely managed to have a few spoons of the rice, mixed with his Vindaloo Murgh. All that dessert before dinner seemed to have filled him up. The Dhansakh was so good that I had no guilty feelings about over-eating. I promised myself a long ride the next morning and wolfed down the entire dish in my most greedy moment ever!

The Vindaloo murgh with 2 large pieces of chicken and the same of potatoes was as tasty as it looked. It was less spicy than we had anticipated but it tasted so good that we had to be whiners to complain about it. We are not, so we ate it with relish.

The order was served in good time, the food was awesome and the waiter who served us was such a very pleasant man that he was enough reason to go back to the restaurant. While we were seated there, one or two other couples arrived. It may be that the food is too rich for the diet-conscious or it could be that Parsi food isn't for all. Whatever the reasons are, the restaurant not being crowded was not a sign that it was not good. Without doubt, the husband and I are going back there and hopefully the next time, the husband will be in a better position to eat (i.e. no pre-dessert).

We did not order dessert for we had already covered that aspect at Corner House downstairs. As a result of Lucky's wrath that I had to face the last time I went home without a doggie bag and partly to salvage the guilt in having left her home alone all day, we ordered some mutton cutlets (Sali Boti?) for her too. At a price of 200 bucks, it was the best dish I'd ordered that night, I realized when I got home. Being the nice dog that she is, she shared it with me. Slurp, slurp, slurp...

The picture shows one piece less. She doesn't have the patience to let me click while she waits on her meal, so the 3rd piece is in her stomach while I shoot this.

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  1. Oh God buddy!! This is yuck.. I am a veggie and you know that... I am not being able to see all those dead animals on those plates... Yuck! yuck! yuck!