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23 Apr 2010

Tar Tar Everywhere

So much for all the excitement about tar roads. In an over-enthusiastic moment, the workers have lined the roads end to end. There is no footpath or mud left on the borders of the road anymore. 

Problems I noticed this morning, due to lack of a mud path:
  • My Lucky is forced to pee and poop on the tar road. She hates it. Since there is no difference between the edge of the road and the centre, she does not realize it when she plonks herself in the middle of the road sometimes. Dangerous!
  • Leaves from the trees fall on the road. Earlier they use to land on the mud paths and eventually decompose. Now, someone has to sweep them up and leave them by the side of the road. The road looks dirty now
  • There is no more grass lining the roads. Less green. No more 'garike' for dogs to munch on, to help their digestive issues
  • Cars parked on the road-side allow no space for walkers, forcing them to walk on the right side of the car i.e. towards the centre of the road
Minor issues, I guess. We'll eventually get used to all of this. Still, I can't help wishing that people paid more attention to detail and showed more interest in the quality of their work. 

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