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20 Apr 2010

Today's Lessons

Lovely weather this morning. What else?
  • Learnt that my 10 year old Lucky is still a baby. She barks at Taapi, for no apparent reason. She enjoys it too.
  • Learnt that 1 year old Taapi is a lot more mature that my little 10 year old. He just stares at her and ignores her, with a show of maturity that amazes me every time.
  • Learnt that none of the other dogs on the street were bothered by the new & improved tar roads. My Lucky is a spoilt brat, who does not like change when everything's just fine (i.e. mud-roads to crap on, bushes to sniff at, as against clean tar roads that smell awful)
  • Learnt that I have some of the worlds greatest friends and I am so proud of myself for deserving them.
  • Learnt that writers' block happens to me more often than I realized, so I may never be able to write a book
  • Learnt that my friend was right about my husband buying me a bike that he can steal from me later
  • Learnt that my fish are being heavily influenced by my Lucky's habits, they seem hungry all the time
  • Learnt that my husband thinks I should gulp down a bottle of cough syrup every time I cough. Thank God I don't work with him
  • Learnt that the internet is addictive, even without Facebook, Orkut and Twitter
  • Learnt that my husband remembers my first boyfriend's birthday (I had forgotten)
  • Learnt that if I don't move my ass right now, I'll be late for work. Again!

This is my pathetic excuse for a blog because yes, I have another bout of writers' block this week. So, I've started chasing guests for more posts. Expect another one or two soon!

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