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13 Aug 2009

Bheegaroota - The Post-Wedding Luncheon

I attended a luncheon yesterday. Bheegaroota - the non-vegetarian lunch party post-wedding - a speciality of the Gowda community. It was just as I expected, an amazing variety of chicken, mutton and biryani. My favourite, Ragi Mudde (Ragi Balls, in English) was there too. Yummmmmm... Heaven!

The experience was slightly marred by an elderly woman sitting on my right. She seemed very intrigued by what I was eating and how. A few glances in my direction later, she asked if I was used to eating ragi mudde. Duh! I replied politely, in the affirmative and continued to enjoy my meal. When the ice-cream was being served, the guy forgot me, so I called him back & joked about it. She says, "hmm... well, I got ice-cream but I think you need it more than me!". What's that? I need it more than her? She had her ice-cream, mind you. So she wasn't offering me hers because she didn't want it... I don't know what that was supposed to mean. Weirdo!

She was beginning to annoy me at this point. I decided to ignore her for the rest of my meal and turned to my left, to have a conversation with mum. A while later, I heard one of the guys waiting to clean up, sighing with disgust and saying something to her. I turned around just in time to catch the old one washing her hands into the plantain leaf, with the glass of drinking water placed on the table. That is so sick! It's bad enough that some people wash their hands into their plates but a plantain leaf? The water just drains off onto the floor, wetting the table & the paper, with all the dirty stuff.

Poor cleaning guy looked at me & mumbled something about having to clean that mess. Well, what can I say? Some people are just plain insensitive and selfish! If you're already that today, you only get worse as you get older. Pity!

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