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22 Aug 2009

Three's a crowd

At the start of yesterday, I saw a family of husband, wife & daughter, on my way to work. At the end of yesterday, I saw a family of the same composition.

Picture this. Dad's kick-starting the scooter & mom's seeing off the kid. Kid's leaving for school. Mom chides the kid "Don't get into any fights today! Remember what I've told you". Kid meekly nods.

I looked up, expecting to see a naughty-looking boy. It was a fat girl. I bet she was being teased in school & must've found her own way of dealing with the situation. I'd have been proud of her were I her mother. He he he! Bully family, eh? Much needed in today's world, I suppose.

Scene at night. Sitting with husband at TGIF, drinking Hot Chocolate & eating Chicken Wings. Father's upset that it's a dry day & he's not getting any beer. Mum seems a little disappointed too... whether it's to see her husband upset or she wanted beer herself, I do not know. The kid seems quite meek. If I'd to take a guess at interpreting the look on her face, I'd say, "Hmm... now that mummy & daddy aren't drinking, I guess I can't really order anything I want to. Plus I've to behave myself now. Sigh!". Sourface family, shall we call this? Everyone's sad, for one reason or the other - all boiling down to it being a dry day!

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