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11 Aug 2009

Set the trend

I love cycling. I used to cycle to school, then to junior college and tutions. I stopped when I joined Engineering college. This, I picked up again, a few years into my job. The reactions were varied. A lot of people thought I was crazy. Now, cycling has taken up in a big way!

I had a fetish for piggy banks some time ago. My husband, my best friend & I searched all over the place for a piggy bank but it was hard to find. I would buy one whenever I could find them and I'm now the proud owner of about half a dozen of those & over time I stopped buying any more. Today, there are piggy banks of all shapes & sizes in the market!

Last year, it was 'bunny slippers' or carpet slippers. Bro, Ullas & KS bought me one or more pairs from Thailand, Germany, Australia, London... and eventually I had enough to share with mum, mum-in-law. Today, you find them being sold in every street corner!

Some kind of a trendsetter, am I, or what?

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