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8 Aug 2009

Move on ye broken heart

They say women are complicated and yet I've only ever seen complications in relationship with boys. With women, it's either 'she is my soulmate' or 'she is a bitch' and that's it! With boys, it's so different. Ego, guilt, money... so many things concocted into a simple relationship that sometimes even getting out of one can be quite tricky!

A friend of mine recently broke up with someone really close. It was hard. Just watching her go through the whole thing was heartbreaking.

I remember another story of a girl that I heard some years back. Her husband used to ill-treat and humiliate her all the time. They nearly divorced but a day before she was to leave to the US on a work assignment, he came back & she just threw it all up (for the second or third time). The guy never gave a second's thought to his "wife's" career or feelings. The lady, on the other hand, just threw up everything to make it work. Fortunately, for both of them... the result was a happy ending.

I can't help but remember my write-up on the movie called 'The Holiday'. Jasper - the guy who left his girlfriend to marry someone else but kept claiming that he needed her (the first girlfriend). Why do men do that? To salvage their guilt, says a friend of mine... and they need a "sounding board". That is so selfish & cruel to the girl being dumped! The girl in the movie manages to shrug him off her back but it doesn't always work that way.

Moving on becomes difficult enough when only one of them have moved on. It gets worse when the one that's moved on, keeps rubbing it under the nose of the one that hasn't.

Some enterprising youngster ought to come up with one of those whips to keep people going. Everytime they buckle, you crack the whip & whack them back up... "Go on girl, keep going!"

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