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17 Aug 2009

Now Is Forever

I'm sitting on a swing hung by the mango tree, feeling the wind in my hair. It's a different feeling from when I had longer hair, like a gentle caress of my short curls.

My mind is clear of thoughts as if a reflection of the light blue skies peeping through the mango leaves. This is what the present feels like! Totally devoid of thoughts from the last minute or before, completely unaware of the next moment or after.

I do not try to capture the moment for I know it's an effort that will bear no fruit. I hum a tune happily as I swing back & forth, challenging gravity with the aid of speed. It seems as if I'm winning because I'm going higher with each push. I know gravity will have the last laugh, I can't stay up forever but I will enjoy my victory for the few minutes that it lasts.

As I slowly return to a safer state of swinging and what is supposedly a saner state of mind, I realize that I have captured time. The memory of the minutes I have just lived has been frozen in my mind, preserved for times not so happy. I can relive these few minutes a million times again, in a different place & time, and I will feel the same happiness envelope me in a bear hug.

Time is like a bird of flight. She cannot be captured and kept in a cage, for she has to run. If let go, she will come back to you when you call out. Cherish the seconds as they turn into minutes or even hours, with an involvement unblemished by stains from other minutes, and they will stay with you forever.

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  1. I don't get the same feeling about this one that I did when I wrote it!!