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19 Dec 2009

13 years later...

The D-day is finally here! It's been a wait of nearly 20 years, even though it has been only 13 years since I finished school. During the days that I was still in school, I would sit and day-dream for hours wondering if, when I finished school I would have a re-union with my classmates many years later... just like in the movies. I would try to imagine the feeling and it was never once close to how I feel right now.

The anticipation of the events to unfold has been peaking slowly as the hours tick by. It's on tomorrow but today feels like such a busy day. What am I going to wear? Who will I meet first? What will the teachers say? How many people might have changed from how I knew them? The questions just don't stop. I can't find answers, just too busy wondering about so many things! Trying to make a list of people I should call. I wish I could meet some today, I want to share my excitement, just cannot seem to contain it!

Colours or B&W? Girly dress or tomboy jeans? Should I behave myself or forget myself and squeal when I meet people? Who all will remember me?

I have already met the teachers and it's been a hell of an experience. That doesn't stop me from wondering what tomorrow will be like. It's a whole new feeling given the different circumstances!

Hmmm... Fern City, here I come!

The plan...

Dear All,

Here’s an announcement, based on the request of the teachers for the
change in Venue, we have changed the venue for the reunion. The
address for the venue is below, and the route map is attached.

Ferns City - Club House,,Off Marathahalli Ring Road, Marathahalli,
Bangalore – East.
Land Mark- Near Bagini Hotel (Nakundi- location)
Ferns city is 1 Km before Marathahalli, 1.5km from the Ring Road which
connects Airport Road to Old Madras Road, and is just 5kms from

A poolside get-together and lunch has been arranged at the club house
of Ferns City. Please feel free to bring your partners along but
before that do inform us if you will be getting someone as we need to
make arrangements with the caterers.

And there is no need to be disappointed as the beach is still on…
after the teachers are dropped back at their homes we are all heading
to the beach where the party continues. Offcourse we are going to have
lots of fun so don’t miss it.


Lohith (Ashwin)

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