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28 Dec 2009

Miss Always Right

Time for some reflection. Another boring blog. If you are here and it is late in the night, you are probably suffering from insomnia. Read on and you may just win over it. The rest may stay and be grilled or leave at the period after this sentence.

Hmm. What was I thinking? I can't remember now. Nothing unusual about it. It's a given. It's my thing. It doesn't help that I'm switching tabs incessantly between this blog and pictures of an incredibly cute golfer!

I keep telling people that I'm always right. (Un)Fortunately, I'm right about that. Most of the time. Almost always. So, I think I'm always right. I act believing that I'm always right. Then someone comes along and then another one or two who believe the same. So on and so forth until we're all always saying "She's always right!"

BOOM! One day I'm caught unawares in a situation where it was obviously supposed to be the way I knew it was supposed to be but clearly isn't. CRACK! What happens next? Was I wrong? Was everyone else wrong? Of course I'm not always right, so why is it a big deal when I'm wrong once? Or twice or thrice, for that matter? Well, I guess we'll never know... for I'm never wrong. Have always been. Can't see why not... really!

I'm going in circles here. I'm confusing myself. Nothing unusual. It's a given. It's my thing. I do it all the time. If you're reading this, you're seeing stars too by now. If not, you shall, in a few seconds. Maybe you're one of those people who get hit very slowly. Like the effect of a vodka. Maybe tequila. I like tequila, I'm a huge fan, so let us assume tequila. Why? Because I say so! It's my blog! Remember, I'm always right!

Alright, alright, there is no "reflection" in this blog. I said that in my first sentence, I know. You know what else I said? Read only if you are suffering from insomnia. I didn't exactly mean this will put you to sleep, simply meant that if you are going crazy reading this, atleast I don't have to take the blame for it. It's your insomnia acting up. I also said something about grilling, as you will see if you went back up and read my first paragraph.

Since you don't seem to get off and you're still reading this, I shall stop writing. I cannot think of anything else to say anyway. I'm also getting late to go out, do more important things than have meaningless squabbles with my beloved readers. LOL.

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