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23 Dec 2009

My Lists

As a kid, I used to have a list of books to read and places to visit. As I grew up and got busy with more important things, I found less and less time to read. I still had the list of places I wanted to visit and a new list for 'movies to watch'. Of course, I never visited or watched any. It just made me feel good to think that maybe some day I might. Funnily enough, OZ was always somewhere in the top on my list of places to visit... still is and I still hope 'some day'.

I took a break from work today and looked at some random blogs on blogger. There was a movie review of 'Julie and Julia'. These lines from the author made me want to watch the movie:

"Do go and see Julie and Julia at the cinema. Good fun for girls. It ticked a lot of boxes for me"

"But don't take a man to this movie unless he is very interested in cookery. The male actors are just there to support the heroines with the occasional word of wisdom and adoration"

I already said this morning that I wanted to watch Avatar. The reviews have been good, it is all over twitter and someone said to me that his kids watched the movie twice. I must find out why it is so popular. Actually, I just need an excuse to watch a movie. I think this will do, to convince the husband. So, when I read the review on Julie and Julia, I ended up making a list again. A list of 2 movies to watch, so far. How many more will go on the list before I get to watch atleast one I wonder.

Times like these, I wish I was 22, just starting to work, single and in Mumbai. Sigh! Alternatively, I just wish there were more people in my life who wanted to do the same things I do. Or maybe... ok, ok, I must stop. Time to get back to work. A document awaits me. Sigh!

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  1. Dude!!! I was in Mumbai and watched Avatar as well... To tell you the truth... It's just the hype. The movie is not worth all the hype it has got.. Yup, all said and done, it's the visual effects which is awesome!!! It's a great movie for it's technicality and visual effects... Don't expect more than that