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11 Dec 2009

Today's Birthdays

It's both my babies' birthday today. Baby1, the husband. Baby2, Lucky.

Baby2 got her birthday gift over a week ago and is happily using it. She loves it. I love her!

Baby1 got a host of presents, hidden all over the house, in sets. He kept looking, kept finding, kept getting excited. Just wouldn't let me get some shut-eye! All in all, it was a good night of excitement.

Can't wait to get started on my plans for today. Been a couple of hours since I've been up but it's a cold morning and hard to move the ass!

Need to make a list, lest I forget the things I plan. Yeah, I'm a list person... I need a list for everything. Thankfully, I don't need a list of my lists. I just have two, one at work and one for home. Of course, there's the occasional reminder requests I put out to friends and family. Well, that's me!

Baby2 is in bed, enjoying it so much. Baby1 and I were discussing last night. No matter how big a bed you get her, she has to spill out of it. Need to get her pillow inside, it's turned all cold from the weather outside.

Baby1 is at work. Just called a while ago to thank me for another surprise gift he found in his bag. He's thrilled. So many surprises, so many gifts, he doesn't know when it's gonna stop. Well, not yet, not yet ;-)

If I sit here writing, I'll never get around doing what I've planned. Where's pen and paper, need to make a list first. LOL


  1. would u be able to share some of the stuff u got for Baby1?

  2. Baby1 says he doesn't want to share his stuff, loves them too much :D