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6 Dec 2009

Biking Again!

I have a single speed Hercules bike that I bought a couple of years ago. I rode it for a few days. I commuted to work on the bike and caused a few ripples in office. My neighbours were mostly amused or amazed. The family accepted. The husband loved it. I loved it.

Then one day, I just stopped. Sigh. Over time, the husband developed an interest in cycling. He bought himself a Firefox RoadPro costing 25 grand! Today he is preparing for the Tour Of Nilgiris, rides close to 100km per day and does an average speed of 30kph. He rides a Surly named Shirley (yeah, very creative)
He has subscribed me to the TFN emails and it's fantastic to see the enthusiasm of so many bikers all across the country and outside, waiting to do the 7-day tour! It's spiking my excitement levels to an all-time high. I cannot understand why I am not part of it already but hoping I can do it next year.

I've been meaning to start biking again and never got around to doing it. Finally, with a bit of pressure from the darling husband and my dearest friend, I started biking to work last week. I'm loving every minute of it.

The day I decided to start commuting to work on my bike, the husband was even more excited than I. He cleaned & greased the bike for me, fixed the lights on my bag, filled air in the tyres and just about everything that was necessary to get me going.

Day 1, I did not take the bike out. The husband was disappointed. The friend said something on the lines of 'ha ha'.

Day 2, I biked to work. Husband called to tell me how thrilled he was to find the cycle gone, when he got home from one of his long biking expeditions. He asked me if I really rode or if it was stolen. Yeah right, very funny! The friend said something on the lines of 'oh really?' Yeah ok, funny again!

The ride to work felt great with no traffic during the early hours. The weather in the mornings is perfect for the cycling. I rode back and forth twice during the week. I also rode when I went to school, to meet the teachers. Scored a brownie point when Ash mentioned it to Mrs. Vasumathi. All good, all good.

Today, the husband changed the wheels on my bike with the slimmer ones on his single speed BSA SLR. He says his bike looks funny now and mine is lighter. Can't wait to get on it and start riding. We're planning to ride around for today's shopping. Looking forward to it.

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