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7 Mar 2010


Today was my long ride day. I was going to push myself to do 25 to 30 kilometres, including a few uphills. The husband had heard that movies cost 100 bucks at the Forum Value Mall, so we decided to ride down there and catch the 10AM show. Brilliant! At 8.45AM, after a light breakfast, we took off. The weather was good and traffic scarce. It was a perfect setting for 2 bikers on their single speed. 

Fifteen kilometres and 40 minutes later, we are stopped by the security guard at the gate of FVM. The mall would open only at 9.30AM, so we waited outside. I stripped off my cycling gear i.e. helmet, scarf, gloves and walked about, trying to stretch myself. When the mall opened, we parked and bought tickets to the 11AM show (we were going to watch 'Karthik Calling Karthik' but bought tickets for 'Road, Movie' instead, on an impulse). The shops were all closed, so we just walked around, window shopping. The mall was almost empty, just perfect. 

When we reached the ground floor of the mall, we passed by a very tempting chocolate shop, called Bliss. They had the most amazing variety of chocolates. In the display, I saw an amazing replica of the Taj Mahal - one in brown chocolate and one in white. It reminded me of a friend who loved the TM and chocolates, so I took a picture to send to him.

We stood there, admiring the spread for 5 minutes and finally decided to peek in. Luckily, it was open. Even better, they served coffee (I was desperate for my morning fix). The furniture looked inviting. We decided that we would park ourselves there and enjoy a nice morning cuppa. We were handed a menu which had the most delectable list of chocolate items. I wanted one of everything. Sitting there, I hated having to chose one or two items, it was nearly impossible! Finally we decided to try something from the 'Chocolate Meals' list and a savoury item to compliment it.

We decided on our coffees first. I ordered the Latte (Espresso with steamed milk), that looked like the famous 'cutting-chai' in glass tumblers in Mumbai. Surprised but delighted. 

The husband ordered Cafe Mocha (Cappuccino blended with premium Belgium chocolate). Clearly, the guy making the coffee was not creative enough.

By the time the coffee arrived, we had decided. From the chocolate meal menu, we ordered the Buttery Belgium Waffles (Waffles with chocolate sauce and honey). When the dish actually arrived, it did not look as exciting as the title or the description. The little black chequered triangles reminded me of mum's ragi dosa. I was happier to be clicking pictures, instead of digging in right away. Dip it in honey and chocolate sauce and yummy!

Our pick from the savoury menu was the Toasted Cheese Tortillas (Spanish Quesadilla filled with Jalapeno, Olives, Cheese and Spring Onion, served with Mexican salsa and sour cream). The waiter said it would take time to make (we were the first customers, he was yet to light up in the kitchen, remember) and suggested the American Cheesy Sticks (Breaded Mozzarella sticks, accompanied by a tangy, spicy Mexican salsa) instead. The sticks were crispy to perfection and the cheese inside just the right texture. Dip it in the Mexican salsa and you are immediately transported to another world (where fat is 'in'). 

A dream ride and an amazing breakfast later, we took off to watch 'Road, Movie'. It is a funny way to name a movie, with the word 'movie' in it. The girl selling me tickets at the counter just called it Road. Maybe she found it awkward to say 'the movie Road Movie' (the comma goes missing when we actually say it). A weird movie, very different, no story, just starts off and ends some place but totally worth a watch. Goofy and entertaining. At 100 bucks, much recommended. We also got an offer to buy a large popcorn and medium Pepsi for 100 bucks ("It costs 130 rupees inside", the girl said). 

Ride, breakfast, movie, shopping, ride back home. Shopping was awesome, the husband was a complete sweetheart all through. The ride back home was hot and tiring, a headwind all the way. I barely noticed the downhills but the uphills were enervating. I managed it. The husband and I are both proud of me. I am thrilled to bits, it is my best day of the year, so far.


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  2. That's a day well spent, buddy. I am still interested in the Tortillas :D Anyways, will you be writing your review on the movie as well?? Will wait for that!!

  3. Nup, not gonna do a movie review. Not much to write really, there wasn't a story, it was just a road and a movie. Could watch once, though, enjoyable.

  4. You cycled 31km, you had chocolate, popcorn and soda after a light breakfast? Wow!!

  5. Royal Velvet FTW