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20 Mar 2010

Guest Post #7: It's A Dog's Life

"If she can have a Facebook account, why can't she write a blog?" I don't have an answer to that question. If she wants to write a blog, she writes. What can I say? Don't answer, it's rhetorical. 

Ullas says I should write a guest post for Sangy. She was nice to me today, secretly gave me snacks when Ullas was delaying my dinner, so I agreed. I did not tell him that, so let us all pretend that I am a well-behaved dog (as you can see from my profile picture on Facebook).

I wanted to play ball today. I always want to play ball but today I did not want to walk. I only wanted to play ball. We went downstairs but there were too many cars. Also, too many bikes. If people do not want to take their cars or bikes out, then why do they buy them? Another one of those eccentricities of people that I never quite understood. Garages are meant for dogs to play, when there are no playgrounds. It's simple enough, why don't they get it?

Sangy chased me for a while but she is a little boring (don't tell her, she'll feel bad. I never do, I always humour her). Ullas joined later. He also brought the puss-puss thing that lets out air on my tail, so I ran and he chased me. He is fun. Sangy says he is also lazy. I like him anyway. Then Sangy told me that I had to walk. She made me leave the ball behind. She hid it behind the wheel of the car. I liked that. I like it when she takes care of my things. I don't want Taapi to take it, it is my ball. My favourite yellow ball. I love yellow colour. It also says Australia. Sangy has a lot of friends in Australia.

I was smelling the flowers during the walk. Ullas said to me not to 'stop everywhere to smell the roses'. Sangy said they were not roses and I could smell it, so I did. I got confused and suddenly sat down to do my business (Sangy calls it 'business', don't ask me why). They both got confused too, so they dragged me away. I learnt later that it was because I was in front of somebody's gate. I finished my business (it sounds funny) and then we walked a lot. 

Once, I think Sangy and Ullas were quarreling. I tried to hide between their legs. I hate it. Ullas was telling Sangy yesterday that I am like Sheldon. I don't think so. Sheldon is the big black fish in the water-tank. He is boring, he never plays ball. I am not like him. I love to play ball. I like the same food as him, though. Sangy never lets me eat his food, she says I am greedy. Coming back to my walk... Sangy told me that they were not quarreling but Ullas laughed. I think they were. They stopped because I told them to, by walking between their legs. I am a well-behaved dog. Unusual for this family, I know, but that is how I am.

When we came back, Sangy reminded me to take my ball. I wanted to play some more. Ullas went away for some time. Sangy was just talking to me. When Ullas came, Sangy went. I didn't mind. I like to spend time with Ullas. I was tired, so we did not play. Taapi was sitting on the road. I barked at him a lot. He never says anything to me, I don't know why. Maybe he is scared of me. That is good. I like Ullas and Sangy to think I am the brave one. I had fun. Ullas was looking at his mobile. He never takes photos like Sangy. I like his mobile better, I think it does not have a camera. Sangy is always taking photos. Sometimes I let her so that she won't feel bad. 

It's bedtime for me now. They will wake me up very early, when the cleaning lady comes home. We have a new lady. She does not talk with me. I don't like her but I cannot bark at her. Sangy tells me she is also our cleaning lady. I like the old lady better. We old ones are a better lot. We chat. I can't go to mummy's house in the mornings because she gets up late sometimes. I only go there to eat Sam's sandwich, after my tea and morning walk.

I am going to sleep now. It was nice talking to you all. Woof woof! Boww wwowww wroof!

It's always all about her. What she likes, what she does, what people say to her, what people think of her, etc. Fair enough. I was let down by a friend who had a deadline for today. My baby comes to the rescue! That's why I love her. Always there when I need her... 

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  1. Lucky's thought as seen by Sangy :) You both are fun to watch :D