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16 Mar 2010

Guest Post #1: A Trip To Kukke

It's been a frustrating week for my writing. I'm having my worst attack of writers' block. To top it, I am struggling with a bout of mood-swings that I just cannot seem to control. I want to break everything in my path and yank a few people's hair off their scalps. I've managed to pull through the day, keeping myself mostly subdued but a couple of my unfortunate dearest beloveds have had to suffer my hormonal maladies. I'm grateful to have them in my life and I hope that when I wake up tomorrow, they will still love me!

I've always wanted to have someone write a guest blog on Bumblebee Digest but it somehow never happened. Now seemed like a perfect time. Today turned out to be perfect. He had time on his hands, was looking for something to do and had not written in ages. When I suggested he do a guest blog for me, he was super-excited. Another of my friends I'm grateful to have in my life. 

Over to Karthik and his trip to Kukke...

A serene place close to the coastal town Mangalore in Karnataka, Kukke is known mostly for its Subramanya temple.

Wiki aside: Kukke Subrahmanya (Tulu/Kannada: ಕುಕ್ಕೆ ಸುಬ್ರಹ್ಮಣ್ಯ) This temple is one of the pristine pilgrimage locations in India. Here, Lord Subrahmanya is worshipped as the Lord of all Serpents. The epics relate that the divine serpent Vasuki & other serpents found safety under Lord Subrahmanya when apprehended by Garuda (Eagle).

After a lot of persuasion, I decided to accompany my brother-in-law (“Sir” is how I call him) to this temple town. I wasn’t looking for a good trip, not even an average one. But, I was ready for a new journey. One thing that worried me was that we were taking a train to Kukke and were to hop on a bus on our way back.

I absolutely love traveling, but, this somehow didn’t interest me much. It could be that I was not too keen on visiting holy places or it could just be that I would rather like to ride on a motor-bike all the way.

It was the previous week when I took my 346cc, 19.8bhp wonder called the “Enfield Thunderbird” for a 280 km round trip in a day. The one-day trip to Mysore was special for two things; Firstly, I was visiting that special person in my life after 3 months and secondly for the journey itself.

All said, I was ready to leave. Mom and I did some shopping that evening. Hmm, mom wanted me to buy new Ts and I got myself a nice Urban Yoga T and a Kurta free with that (I absolutely love the Kurta J). It was 18:45 when we came back home and my sister buzzes me to inform that I got to be at her place by 19:15 for dinner so that I can leave with “Sir” to the railway station. The train was scheduled to depart at 20:55. But, knowing Bangalore traffic, sis did not want any delay. I had to convince her that it should be fine if I reach there by 19:30. My sis, knowing my riding skills and my knowledge of Bangalore topography, was convinced.

I left home at 19:15 on my 125cc small wonder “Bajaj Wind 125”. As usual, the traffic was bad. But, I could just make it on time to my sis’s place. The dinner was readily served. A few idly and a cup of tea was enough for me. I suggested taking my bike to the Railway station to avoid the traffic and everyone agreed. We were there good 30 minutes before the departure.

I called on a few friends to tell them I was in Bangalore for the whole of the week and shall try to catch up with them. Then, of course I had to call up my special friend to let her know of my plans.

Train left the platform on time (these days it does leave on time). I couldn’t sleep till late so I decided to do some sight-seeing. It was a beautiful night, just one day after the full moon, the moon light shone on the river Cauvery and the leaves of plants and shrubs close to the railway track shining with a twinkle in the moon light was a sight to watch. While most of the co-passengers were enjoying a good night’s sleep, I was up until midnight enjoying the sight.

It was about 6:00 in the morning that I woke up and I could see “Sir” was already up and he was doing the same thing that I did the previous night. It was still pretty dark outside and the Western Ghats looked like a wonderland. About 10 minutes from the moment I woke up, the train was passing by a bridge and beneath the bridge I saw a rusted, damaged coach of train which has fallen there probably a few years ago. My thought immediately rushed to the scene of the accident and I felt a chill in my spine. How strange? We are not sure of what is in place the next moment and we still spend most of time amassing wealth whereas the nature has given us so much to watch and enjoy, yet we ignore those.

We reached the Subramanya station at about 6:45. I suggested that we take a stroll for a while and check out the place before we leave for Kukke (Kukke is about 15km from the Railway station). After a short stroll, we left for Kukke in a Rickshaw (they charge you 120 rupees). The Sun was out, and the place was humid. The road was narrow but was in a good condition. Nature was a treat to watch.

We reached Kukke and had a quick cup of coffee at “New Mysore Café”. Just as we exited the Café, a local came to us and referred a room @ Rs.150 for half a day. We thought, that is best suited for us. I had a quick bath and went out for another stroll, while “Sir” was getting ready. We then went to the famous Subramanya temple. The crowd was manageable and the architecture resembled that of Kerala temples. “Sir” suggested that we take a stroll to another temple close-by called the Adi Subramanya temple. On our way to the temple, we had to cross a bridge, beneath which the river Kumara Dhaara was flowing.

Breakfast time: I was hungry and wanted a quick bite somewhere. “Sir” said that the temple served a good break fast. Unfortunately, the temple did not serve it for everyone L We then decided to return to the Mysore Café. I like to taste local savories everywhere I go; though it is only vegetarian (I am a veggie). Since, this part of Karnataka is famous for Buns I ordered some Buns for myself and “Sir” followed suit. It was not enough for us and so we ordered for some Khara Baath. Umm, the food was yummy. I am always high on caffeine, I needed a bit more of it and ordered a coffee as well. Way to go!! I thought.

Another stroll was required after the breakfast and I suggested taking the path that was towards the forest. The huge canopy of leaves overhead and the cute bird calls of unknown birds was another one of nature’s treats that was waiting for me to take.

We then paid another visit to Subramanya temple and I waited as “Sir” enquired at the temple’s administration office and I waited for another 2 hours watching the pilgrims and tourists alike. Believe me! It is fun watching people and their actions too.

The time came for a quick lunch and exit from Kukke. Our KSRTC Rajahamsa bus was scheduled to depart at 14:45. We were sitting in the bus a good 15 minutes before departure just to avoid the heat. Had a bit of fun, when a co-passenger misunderstood two friends to be couples and was not prepared to apologize but in-turn said that they will make a good couple and it would happen soon. The funny co-passenger learnt that the two friends were doctors working for a renowned hospital and our man has his comments for that as well!!! He started swearing at doctors and hospitals in general. Shocking character, he was. The old funny man slept in a while and the rest of the journey wasn’t as memorable.

The journey as such was memorable and I will be glad to visit the place again…

I have not edited the content so that the author's style and the flow of thought is preserved. 

Now that I've finally had a guest blogger, it seems like a brilliant idea. It breaks the monotony of my rambling and adds variety to my blog. I've decided to make this The Guest Blogger Week on Bumblebee Digest. If you want to be a guest on my blog, leave me a comment or email me. 

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  1. Gee, thanks mate :) I've never had a tour blog/place review before. I'm pleased!